Relationship Growth
Want to enhance intimacy & connection? Strengthen your foundation before (or after) getting married? Use your relationship as a path for growth and discovery?
Relationship Repair
Communication problems? Trust issues? Fighting? Disconnection? We specialize in helping couples in distress rebuild a healthy, nourishing relationship.
Crisis & Clarity
Is your relationship in distress? Fighting? Feeling shut out? A recently discovered affair? On the brink of calling it quits? We can help. Learn how...
Going solo
Prefer to work solo on your relationship-related issues? Our integrative therapists can help: post-affair healing, trauma & sexuality, grief, emotional reactivity & more.

Discover — or rediscover — the potential your relationship holds.

InnerWell Center for Couples Therapy specializes in couples therapy using an approach that is proven to help most couples create positive, lasting, successful relationships. Whether your relationship has just hit a bumpy spot or is in serious crisis, we can help you find your way through this challenge and work together to create a lasting, loving connection.

Our therapists are deeply committed to providing excellent care, and have extensive experience and advanced training in helping couples resolve communication issues, heal from affairs, (re)discover lasting emotional and sexual connection, and much more. Informed by neurobiology and the latest research on attachment and how love relationships really work, InnerWell’s counseling is grounded in mindfulness and compassion.

Based in Brattleboro, Vermont, our clients come from as near as Bennington, Hanover and Keene in NH and Greenfield and Northampton in MA, and as far as you can imagine. We also offer intensive couples therapy for those at a distance or who prefer to consolidate their counseling experience. We work with all sorts of couples — twenty-somethings and empty nesters, gay and straight, those who have great sex and those who have no sex, couples in serious crisis and couples who are wanting pre-marital counseling for a strong start. We also help individuals who are wanting relationship coaching and counseling that directly relates to their relationships. We even help couples who are trying to sort out if they even want to give their relationship another chance or not (“discernment counseling“).

You deserve the highest quality care for your most important relationship. Contact us today for more information or to request an appointment. Looking for integrative counseling services for individuals? Visit InnerWell Integrative Counseling Services.

InnerWell supports all couples in having healthy, nourishing relationships.rainbow-logo

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